Dall-e error "Your image was invalid"

Hi, I’ve been having trouble with Dalle recently. Whenever I upload a photo and try to edit a part of it then I press “generate,” I get an error message that says, “Your image was invalid.” I used the same photo last week, and everything worked fine
I really appreciate it if you could help

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Ok so probably are temporary failures. Thank you for the advice! I’ll try again next days

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Same problem. Even tried text generating images (succesfully) Then re-uplopading to Dalle. No joy.

Same problem. I finally decided to buy credits, lol figures.

I have a lot of credits but its not letting me upload anything. Ive tried everything :frowning: Heck!

I am having the same issue with an image I have used before. It allows me to create new images but not to edit one and redo it.

I am having the same issue, it sees it’s general
i can’t create new images, I’ve tried several images

Same error message. I see the time frame for your responses is within minutes to hours

Same here. I have plenty of credits and tried different file types just to see if jpg, png made a difference. Still can’t get it run. Anybody else having issues?

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Could be another outage connected to yesterday…

Mar 2, 2023

Partial Outage of the API

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Mar 2, 16:08 PST

Identified - We are continuing to investigate issues with the Moderations and DALL·E API.
Mar 2, 13:17 PST

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.

Just pinged the team to check if we can see anything on our end. Stay tuned!


Getting this issue too. “Your Image Was Invalid.”

Same error here. Seems impossible to upload at the moment. Had no problems before.

I’m seeing the same error too. I get it when trying to edit/outpaint an image or when trying to generate variations.

I keep getting the same error no matter what kind of picture I tried to upload, I hope it can get fixed soon.

Hi there! We’ve figured out the issue and it’s been resolved. Thanks for your patience! Let us know if you are still having issues.


Thanks for following up on this so quickly!

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Check out the detailed article on Your Image Was Invalid error on DALL-E