Error message: "Your image was invalid"

I uploaded an image (I tried both PNG and JPG, at high resolutions and resized at 1024x1024px) of an abstract painting I did and asked for variations. I received this message: “Your image was invalid”

There were no violence or nudity, but maybe the AI misunderstood some contents…


I am having the same issue. I simply took an already generated image and removed some background information and asked it to make some adjustments. Again no violence or nudity

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I’m trying to use the Outpainting tool and when I try to generate new frame from the image which also Open AI created, I’m getting the “Your Image was invalid” error.


Also have been getting this invalid message when I try to continue a generation frame. I thought it was because my prompt was flagged but it has been the same prompt I’ve used many times before.

Same thing is happening to me. It started last night and continues to today. I even tried to use an image I had outpainted before and I’m getting the same error. I contacted help, but have received no response so far.

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