DALL-E Character prompting

I’m attempting to generate characters who “look like” . I can generate a whole assortment of characters from movies and TV without issue but any time I attempt a character who “looks like” Princess Leia I’m told I’m violating content policy. Can anyone explain this discrepancy? I have successfully created these Princess Leia characters on other AI platforms without issue.

Careful. Even if they go through, if you’re flagged for violating ToS by breaking copyright, your account may be at risk. OpenAI is being sued for copyright currently, so they’re being extra careful…

It’s like if you drew a really cool picture and put it on t-shirts to sell. If someone else started making the same shirts without asking you, they’d be making money off your idea, and that wouldn’t be fair, right? Disney feels the same about their characters, like Princess Leia.


Just so I’m clear… I can make drawings of characters and sell them at comic conventions all over the world but OpenAi is getting sued for copyright infringement?

just because you can/do doesn’t mean you aren’t liable for copyright infringement :thinking:

I can’t find my notes right now, but I believe there’s something in the injected chatgpt prompt that explicitly instructs the model to not do what you’re asking of it. As far as I’m aware it’s also explicitly told to not try to depict specific people, only people that look like people.

Interesting… I did a web search of the most influential characters of TV and movies and got a list of at least 50. Of all of them I tried to run through DALL-E (and a few others) to “look like”, I ran into two that would not generate, Wonder Woman and Princess Leia. I’ve been to artist booths at several comic cons where they sell these character renderings. My head can’t seem to get around how that is different from AI.

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I think wherever there’s humans involved, we can safely throw logic out the window :rofl:

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If you were worth upwards of $100-billion you’d be getting sued too.

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