Dall-e-3 Not accepting Api Request

I’m using Dall-e-3 So Long I had no issue But since from this week the Dall-e-3 model doesn’t accepting the Api request where as If i change the model to the Dall-e-2 then only image get generated . The Error is RateLimitError . Now I know many of you will have doubt that either I’m requesting more per minute or my credits are over . NO that is not the case my code is correct because earlier I created Images using the same code . There is only 1 req per minute not more than that . and I do have 5$ credits . The exact Error is “openai.error.RateLimitError: Rate limit exceeded for images per minute in organization org-******. Limit: 0/1min. Current: 1/1min.” I kindly request My whole project depends only on Dall-e-3 and if this won’t get resolve my Grade will surely get affected . So I request to OpenAI please do resolve this issue soon as possible !!!

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Exact Same Issue Here . Please OpenAi solve this issue .

As mentioned in the post by _j, you can try and add 5$ of prepaid credits to your account.

Actually There is Bank Issue in International payment . But yes definitely i will try .

But is this a bug or OpenAi intentionally decreased the limit.

If you see here in Free Tier The rate limit for Dall-e-3 is 1 image per minute . And the Error says it’s 0 image per minute . So surely This might be the Error from OpenAi Side