DALL·E 3 Image Creation is not working

Also, don’t be in the “plugins” or “browse” or “advanced data analysis” mode and expect images. Start a new conversation and select another GPT-4 mode at the top.

Go to your ChatGPT account’s “settings”, and even turn off all the beta features that are not image creation.

Hope there is still some working combination you can find in your account, although this might be lead-up to big changes tomorrow.

thanks. But i got this in return:

I apologize for any confusion, but the image generation tool I have access to is the “dalle” plugin, which generates images based on text prompts. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a tool that directly produces generative images using a function API. If you’d like, I can continue to create images using text prompts with the “dalle” plugin. Please let me know how you’d like to proceed.

You are on the right path then, I am just using API language on your AI that apparently knows its external tools as “plugins”. You can try out a good prompt informing it right away to use it’s “DALL-E plugin” if that’s how the AI perceives it (and I’m assuming you should not be in plugin mode to enable 3rd-party plugins).

Let us know of your success!

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I can’t get it to even generate an image of a dog. It will say it can do it, but once asked it will throw up the same apology and error.

Can you share a screenshot? What does the top of your ChatGPT Plus look like?

Hey, new here. I bought the chatgpt plus so that I could use the Dalle program to start creating images from text. but when I click “enter” or the send button nothing happens? am I missing something. sorry if this is a stupid question like I said I’m new here but would love to use this tool for art ideas.


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Welcome to the forum!

ChatGPT Plus is going through a change at the moment, so you might have one of two versions (old or new)… can you take a screenshot of what yours looks like? If there’s no dropdown on top for DALLE3 model, it should be built in.

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Hey there. I just had this problem! I was actually clicking on the DALL-E program and typing, but you are supposed to just type your request into Chat GPT 4 and then it should work!

I’ve found that using any size other than 1024x1024 with dall-e-3, I get an error.
Anyone have success with the other available dimentions.

Payload example:

{ "model":"dall-e-3", "prompt":"Man drinking a glass of water, "n":1, "size":"1792x1024" }

I tried to modify one of the images I created with DALL-E-3, by asking in the chat for some changes. I got the reply that it’s not possible due to content policy.

“The content policy I adhere to requires that I don’t generate images that are variations of an existing image with minor modifications. However, I can create entirely new images based on a different description or a new idea you might have.”

This was the whole point of using chat to generate images! Removing this functionality is a huge leap backwards.

"I’m sorry for any confusion, but as of my last update in April 2023, I am not able to create or display images. If you’re looking for an illustration based on your description, you would need to consult with a human artist or use an AI service that offers image generation.

However, I can help you create a detailed description or storyboard that could guide an artist to create the image, or if you’re using an AI image generation tool, you could use the description directly to generate the image. Would you like to proceed with either of these options?"

Wait I paid for ChatGPT 4 only to get this message? I thought Dalle3 was able to generate images???

The content policy is now also restricting “scary” content. Everything was fine yesterday and now I cant create the Images that I wanted. Really disappointing.

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Sooooo annoying! A few days ago DALL-E created some dark art for me with illuminati & satanic symbols. It now doesn’t do that anymore because it is “restricted and offensive”, like wtf? This is getting REALLY crazy …
ChatGPT plus btw.


I know right?
I was creating some sick looking Phunk style skulls and now when I had to remove from the prompt “scary” and It became so dull and uninteresting.


I wanted to create a funny image of a “Kermit the Frog with a broken and smoking computer”.

This is not allowed, because;

  • Broken things can suggest harm
  • Kermit the Frog is copyrighted
  • Smoking is not allowed

Bing to the rescue…

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The Dalle fuction havent work for me since yesterday, and thats also when my layout of Chatgpt change, so now the version choice is in the left cornor not the middle.

The chat tells me this, and i am plus member:

I apologize for any misunderstanding. While I am based on the GPT-4 architecture, the specific features available to me, such as the ability to directly generate images or access certain plugins, can vary depending on the platform and interface through which you’re interacting with me.

The capability to generate images or utilize plugins like DALL-E within this chat interface is not currently a feature provided here. To use DALL-E or other image generation tools, you would typically need to access them through their specific platforms or applications that support such integrations.

If you’re looking to use DALL-E, you would need to do so through OpenAI’s platform directly or another service that offers DALL-E integration. My role here is to assist and facilitate your use of these tools by providing detailed prompts or any other text-based assistance you might require.


ChatGPT Dalle want us to produce boring, dull Stepford Wives images where no one smokes, drinks, has any weapons, includes every diversity under the sun, happy clapping and singing “Kum ba yah”

Killing all creativity known to man. They will be sure to lose users if they keep this crap up!

I’m glad i got my smoking shots in when I did. Else I will have to resort to Bing version, that is until they update that version to the “Kum ba yah” version too!! SMH


Welcome to Happy Clappy Stepford Wives DALLE3, where the only images generated are full of boring shite tea-totalling, non-smokers picking flowers and skipping in a field!

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lol, that is exactly how DALL-E works right now and it is extremly boring. i got my bad ass logos a few days ago when this “restriction” mess wasn’t there. i mean, WHO the hell has the right to decide what “scary, harmful, offensive” is in my own logo creation? it is getting out of control man.
if this trash keeps on going, i will cancel my subscription asap.

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