Custom GPTs with Custom Actions

I can’t find much documentation about creating actions for custom GPTs. I have a GPT, and that has an action defined, but how do you actually get it to trigger that action?

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GPT is already trained to detect the need for custom action calling.

So just go ahead and start prompting, it should auto trigger the defined actions if setup properly.

Well that’s the thing. How do I know if it’s set up properly? I can’t get it to trigger, so I’m guessing it’s not? Is there any documentation on how to create these actions? Are the the same as plugins, and should we just use those docs interchangably?

The layout of GPT action settings is exactly the same as presented in plugins documentation. Safe to assume the exact same setup applies.

There is also a small code view button, to ensure the payload is setup correctly.

Ensure authentication, authentication type and schema are setup correctly.

Please share more details so one can review with context.