Custom GPT Mentions in ChatGPT Plus

I just got access to calling other Custom GPTs from within any ChatGPT Plus thread…

I haven’t played with it much yet, but interesting…

What are your thoughts? Useful addition?


I also got access to this feature. It has been increased my usage with GPTs, I will add a bunch of data before the I want to call the GPT then once I am ready, I pass that data to the GPT it is really useful.

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Now imagine how wild this could get if personalized GPTs could eventually be linked with this feature :thinking:

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It steals focus anywhere you type an @ symbol - just like this forum

Really friggin annoying. Keep on typing and you are sending to a wrong GPT.

How do I know that the feature was rolled out to me ? Probably it will be obvious when I get it ?

I’ve tried it briefly a couple times and was expecting the mentioned GPT to be able to immediately access the ongoing chat transcript, but that didn’t work. The mentioned GPT would say something along the lines:

“I can’t directly access or summarize the chat between you and XYZ”.

Maybe I’m utilizing this feature incorrectly. Is the primary GPT supposed to be able to read the mentioned GPT’s responses and/or vice versa?

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Yeah… I got it recently, haven’t used it.

Just tried and it definitely does steal focus.

Wtf OpenAI. Do ya’ll just … not… care?

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