Consult platform created assistant API without creating a new one

Hi there,

I was tinkering around with the assistant since want to create an assistant that can answer specific questions about a topic based on some data. I have gotten the regular version of gpt-4 to work, but I can’t seem to understand the logic behind the assistant API. I would like to create an assistant on the platform itself and then access that assistant via the API. Is that something that is possible? I read the documentation and it says I need to create a thread, which I get, but how do I create one with an existing assistant that I did not create a few lines of code ago?

So you’ve created your thread and now you want to do a run with an existing assistant id, is that the plan? If so, then you could either get the existing assistant id in your dashboard using the assistants tab, or you could programmatically retrieve it by searching through the results of a call to ‘assistants.list()’ API.

I had no idea of the existence of the ‘assistant.list()’. This is indeed exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!