Critical Bug: Unable to Load Assistants and Dashboard Elements on OpenAI Platform

I am experiencing a critical issue on the OpenAI platform that is severely impacting my work. Whenever I attempt to access the Assistants feature, nothing appears. The loading icon continues indefinitely, and the assistants never load.

This issue is not isolated to just the Assistants; it extends to nearly every aspect of the Dashboard. Here are the specific problems I’m encountering:

•	The playground does not load.
•	Assistants within the playground do not function.
•	Fine-tuning does not load.
•	Patches do not load.
•	Storage does not load.
•	Usage metrics do not load.

Essentially, my account is unable to access any of the critical functionalities, making it impossible for me to continue my work.

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Have you tried another browser? If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to reach out to

You might search the forum here for something similar, I seem to recall something recently…

Yes I did and I cleared mu cache as well. Neither worked for me but good old computer restart did the trick.

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Glad you got it sorted.

Been a while since you’ve been around. Hope things are well.

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