Crime mystery game powered by GPT-3

Hi! My name is Judhajit and I am a game developer by profession.

Recently released a crime-solving mystery game called “Inspectorium” where players have to interrogate suspects in order to solve the case. The character interactions are generated by GPT-3 making the game experience unpredictable and unique for each player in every play-through.

The game is still sort of a prototype at this stage so any feedback would be great.

Inspectorium - Apps on Google Play


Congrats on the release. For me its too bad its on mobile, I have very little patience for mobile apps/games, but will give this one a try.
I had a similar idea many months ago but didn’t get the time/motivation to explore it.

Care to share some of your adventures building this? Does each character have its own “personality”? How do make them stick to the story and not makeup things which are not relevant to the game? I’m guessing there’s lot of prompting and no fine-tunes, amirite? :slight_smile:

Right now, it’s more of a proof of concept. But I will be releasing a proper version for pc and mobile. Hopefully, you can try it out then.

Yeah, you are right. There is a lot of prompting. There’s a basic game backstory and game world prompt that is shared amongst all the characters and on top of that each character has its own personality, backstory, appearance, etc. that keeps changing accordingly.

The trick is to optimize the prompting to minimize it as much as possible but still get a good enough response, otherwise, the API cost will just go off the roof. Right now it’s more trial and error. Currently, I am looking into how fine-tuning works.

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Nice. Thanks for sharing. I’m very interested in IF (interactive fiction) and GPT-tech… Please keep us updated as you progress.

And welcome to the forum!

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I tried the game, so far so good! Keep up the great stuff.


That looks awesome! Thanks for the share. I am a game designer looking at diving into the game development side of things now that chatGPT exists.

Nice to meet you and keep up the good work :grinning:

Hey, nice to meet you too! Thanks for the kind words. :grinning:
yeah, I am super excited to see how all of these play out, not just from a game mechanics perspective but also from a game dev tools perspective.

Hey, Thanks a lot for trying it out. :grinning: