An experimental game with Ancient Greece gods powered by ChatGPT-3.5

Hello all!
I’m an indie game developer and would like to show you my latest experimental game. De-Liverance of a God features ChatGPT 3.5 powered NPCs that actually responds to what you type to them.

As the eagle whose duty is to eat Prometheus’ liver every day, you see how unjust his punishment is. Can you persuade Zeus, the king of gods, to set Prometheus free?

My plan is to venture into games with LLM based NPCs. A reason why I made this game is to gain experience about what can go right and wrong.

Available for free for Windows, macOS (Intel + Silicon) and Linux at Itch.

There is also a post mortem that talks about the technical challenges I faced while making this game.


Looking good! Thanks for sharing with us.

I’ve been working in this space for a while now.

I’ll check out the post mortem when I can…

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Looks like a really interesting idea. Thanks for sharing with us here. Will definitely give this a go

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