Creative writing: solving a crime scene

I used the following prompt:

Solve a murder mystery.
Crime scene: [list the elements]
What happened?

Some examples:

Solve a murder mystery.
Crime scene: a dead man, a bloody knife, flowers, a sleeping dog, an open fridge, an unfinished painting.
What happened?

The man was killed with the knife by the woman. She painted the picture of the dead man, then put flowers on his body. The dog woke up and ate part of the painting.

The woman killed the man and hid the body.

Another one:

Solve a murder mystery.
Crime scene: the victim is found next to a river. He shows no signs of drowning. There are white feathers on his body. He has no shoes. A bike is found a bit further.
What happened here?

A man came to the river to try to wash away his sins. He fell in and drowned.

The victim’s feet were recently washed.

The victim was trying to wash away his sins. The river washed the sins away, and the man drowned.

(! DaVinci on a roll :))

Did anyone explore similar prompts for creative writing? Feel free to link me to articles written on the topic. I myself wrote an article on this experiment:


Love it! What a cool idea to have it create a plot based on certain mystery elements.

I came to this world of GPT-3 and AI in general from a creative writing background. I launched a substack newsletter to chronicle my experiments:

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I subscribed!
Feels exciting to experiment with this before 99,9% of the other writers, doesn’t it? :wink:

Super. Yeah, I told someone that this is what Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy must have felt when they got their hands on the first manual typewriters.

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Yes! Or what Bruce Sterling and William Gibson felt when they used their first word processing software