Create my eternal Digital persona

I am an 80yrs old and days numbered.
I looked at the release of the big O {GPT4-O} and was so impressed.
Basically I want my persona to be digitized and live forever in the cloud. I want AI to learn about me [i have time to teach him ] so that my family and friends can access me at anytime in realtime, cloudtime. I am sure some code jumpers can get this done with help of the big “O”. I am happy to work with any enthusiastic person to get this done…
dah dit dah dah dit

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Hey, I’m attempting the same thing. I’m eager to collaborate with you and try to create this.

cheers keep in touch.
can i ask your age ?
where do we start ?

We can help you design an assistant, and then you can give that assistant to your loved ones. We are not that old though, but we can help.

Ok cool…thanks for response to my request.
Naturally I am aware of possible security breaches in creating a digital replica of my self. Can U please tell me about yourself and your earthly history.

I’ll do it. I’ve sent you my email via a private message so we can jump on a call and talk about how we would do this.

it would most likely start with a meeting and understanding if it would be a good fit for both of us to work on this.

It would most likely start with an agreement, a scope of work and a plan on what is expected from both parties. It most likely would be in your best interest to run a background check in who you are hiring to make sure you are working with someone you can trust.

After that, a platform for freelance might also be in the best interest of both parties, making sure either side doesn’t get scammed. Once the work starts, it would most likely start by gathering data.

Text data, audio data, image and video data. Once all the data has been gathered, there are different approaches for each data type. For text data, it would most likely include fine tuning models to respond like you.

The models for the text data would most likely be using OpenAI’s models. Some members of the community have access to gpt-4 fine tuning.

For the audio data, OpenAI has not released the voice engine, but, there are open source models that are possible to do so - and this would be the best solution until OpenAI releases something like this.

I won’t share too much personal data on a public forum, but would love to get on a call (google meets, zoom, messaging apps, or a phone call in case you are from North America).

In case you want to move forward, check your inbox as I’ve send my company email there so we can move forward with this in case you are interested in exploring working with me on this.