"Create a GPT" Problems & Concerns

The new “My GPTs” feature is pretty cool, at least in concept. But I’m running into three problems:

  • I keep getting notifications that I’m over the usage limit. That’s happening at random times and I never have enough usage available to test out and train the GPT. I’m not even using that much data (a three-page PDF document with some words!).
  • Being able to upload spreadsheets seems to be a hit or miss. It worked yesterday but not today.
  • I can’t figure out whether this is something that I can deploy publically and have clients use it without them needing a ChatGPT account.
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Hey there,

So, from my own experience, I can attest to the fact that GPT builder right now is pretty glitchy, and currently, we as users don’t have enough debugging and resolving tools yet. It’s still in beta, and so far it’s showing.

By chance, when you mention that trying to upload spreadsheets “didn’t work”, do you mean either A. it didn’t save in the custom GPT, or B. you get “hmm…something went wrong.”, potentially crashing the custom GPT? And these errors are from interactions in GPT builder, yes?

If so, I am seeing this kind of pattern of errors being reported here frequently over the last week or so. The bad news is that all of us want to figure out how to fix it (and obviously have it fixed), but it’s not on us, sadly it’s on OpenAI’s team.

Finally, in order to access other people’s GPTs, you currently need a ChatGPT plus subscription. So, your clients would need to not only have an account, but subscribe to ChatGPT plus as well. While we don’t know whether or not custom GPTs will be made accessible to free members, my guess is still going to be that the GPT store will be a GPT plus tier feature only for the foreseeable future. If they are going to pay builders using a revenue share model like they said they would, then they would pay you according to how many people subscribe to Plus because of your custom GPT.

I uploaded a spreadsheet with some contact information that the GPT is supposed to use for certain search requests. It worked yesterday but today it’s not working. It says that something may be changed with how GPT works and it doesn’t allow spreadsheets anymore (that’s not exactly what it said but that’s the gist). I work for a business that wants both employees and customers to have the ability to quickly find information and interact with the GPT. It’s frustrating that everyone has to have a ChatGPT Plus account to use it. That really limits the usefulness of this.

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Could you provide the exact response it gave you? I’m going to need the exact response (and potentially the prompt to GPT builder, if you used one) in order to better diagnose the issue.
So, if I’m understanding this correctly, you are trying to upload a document in it’s “knowledge” part, but it’s essentially refusing?

I’d be a little…skeptical about putting sensitive information (like contact information) directly into a custom GPT as part of it’s persistent knowledge. I would recommend building an Assistant instead. OpenAI recommends this as well. If the wrong person uses your CustomGPT from the GPT store (which will be accessible to everyone unless you keep it private), or even gets the link to your GPT to use, you’ve just exposed your entire customer’s and employee’s contact information to the world, all in one fell swoop.

It might have actually denied your document upload precisely because of this, but I won’t know unless I see it’s response.

This topic can show you just how easy it is to retrieve internal data from a custom GPT (and LLMs in general).

I’ll see if I can find the exact words that it used. Does it keep a history like regular ChatGPT? The contact information in the spreadsheet is all public and fairly obvious anyway. I wouldn’t be concerned about people having access to it. That’s literally the point. However, I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to use “My GPT” for this project anyway because the whole purpose of creating it would require the public to be able to use it like a regular chatbot on a website. But because everyone using it needs a ChatGPT Plus subscription, it defeats the purpose.

It does not I believe, but if you try to upload it again, shouldn’t it produce the same error?

Contact information of any degree, public or otherwise, requires significant care. If I used your product and found out you exposed my contact info for the world to see without my consent, I could have grounds to sue you, depending on the circumstances. I hope you crafted your GPT’s privacy policy to accommodate this. It is the person’s right to decide how their contact info is distributed publicly, not the product’s. They can also change such information at any time, and have the right to pull their information at any point instantaneously. Even Facebook allowed people to hide their email if they so chose. This is more for the customers, less the employees.

Now, I’m not saying your idea/product is unethical nor impractical, quite the opposite! This is a common aspect of user-driven apps. I understand your use case. My point is that if you’re dealing with contact information, it should be handled through a backend service.

I cannot help you with the ChatGPT plus problem sadly, that is a decision only you can make.

However, if you did want to use a custom GPT in a way that’s both secure enough for actual production and achieving what you want without errors, I would turn this into a cloud service, or cloud managed product, whereby you withhold this information in a managed database architecture of some form, and use the custom GPT to make API calls to your spreadsheet/database.

This allows you to leverage custom GPTs effectively, providing the accurate information in a way that’s safe, private, and easy to manage for the GPT to refine into a pleasant, conversational response.

If you’re trying to embed any kind of chatbot on a website, you would have to build the assistant with an API, and would likely need to setup the default database this way anyway.

Regardless of your decision, do not store contact information in a static format like a spreadsheet doc. It is unsafe and insecure.

It’s for a school. And the contact information I’m referring is for teachers (name, email, email, and position at the school) that are already online. I’m not exposing parent contact information. It’s not sensitive information.

With that said, there’s no way to use a custom GPT, by default, that the public is able to access without a Plus account?

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