"Couldn't find plugin" when I try installing a plugin

Hi everyone,

I created a retrieval plugin and when I try installing it I get “Couldn’t find plugin”

Plugin url - https://retrieval-plugin-072d09fd96.wolf.jina.ai/

Then I went on to deploy a simple TODO plugin based on the “plugins-quickstart” and still the same error.

Plugin url - https://nameless-bird-8284.fly.dev/

Can anyone help me figure our what I’m doing wrong?

Hi! Did you go through the “Develop your own plugin” plugin flow first?

Hi @jeffchan , can you please elaborate?

You’ll need to go through the “Develop your plugin” flow first to set up your plugin. See the screenshot below in the bottom right corner.

I had an impression that “Develop your plugin” was for local deployments/proxies only and directly went for “Install unverified plugin”.

This helped, thanks!