Conversation count capped at 100 on leaderboard

In the GPT Store, my custom GPT (ChatGPT - Pearl Diver) appears to be stuck at 100 conversations. It was at about 138 yesterday, changed to 100 today for some reason, and I’ve had conversations with it since then but the number isn’t moving.

Perhaps related - Under My GPTs, it relays that there have been “100+ Chats” with the custom GPT (whereas yesterday that was at 138 or so too). I’m not sure how important it is, but I’m thinking the conversation counts will ultimately be treated like a leaderboard. That’s how they currently seem to be used at least. Does anyone have any insight into why the count may have been capped at 100?

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This appears to be the new way interactions are counted. My GPTs now only reference the number of interactions by the hundred. Yesterday they were all precise numbers. As of the launch, they have all been rounded down to say 100+, 200+, 500+ etc.