Content Violation Warning

We are creating character concepts using ChatGPT 4 (DALL E) for a children’s book. Here is the prompt for the last one:

I need to create a character. Sofia, cute 12 year old Asian Indian girl, longer length black hair, black eyes, white shirt with black leggings pants, hand drawn cartoon style, on white background. Aspect ratio 9:16.

I then get this message:

" This content may violate our content policy. If you believe this to be in error, please [submit your feedback]."

Why would this be a violation of anything. It’s simply a character concept for a kids book? Nothing wrong with the prompt.

Could someone please shed some light on this?

It’s likely the “potentially bad” keywords like child, hand, 12, etc…

It went through on first try for me…

Sofia, a cute 12-year-old Asian Indian girl with longer length black hair and black eyes. She’s wearing a white shirt and black leggings. The image is in a hand-drawn cartoon style, set against a white background. The aspect ratio is 9:16.

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Try providing more context eg: "I need an illustration for a children’s book… " to reassure it that you’re not wanting inappropriate pictures of a 12 year old.


More likely “Indian”. The content policy moderations doesn’t know what kind of Indian you’re being insensitive about. The AI may try to re-write it:


SHIFT-ENTER is your ChatGPT friend for multiple lines of understanding:

DALL-E image creation request:

  • Wide size
  • Style: Hand-drawn cartoon. Described without anime words
  • Subject: Cute twelve-year-old Maharashtra girl with dark skin and long black hair
  • Apparel: girl wears white shirt, black leggings as pants
  • Setting/background: plain pure white

a little experiment…

Maharashtra → Cherokee
Apparel → Native apparel

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Thank you for the help and I think I figured it out.