Constant redirect on ChatGPT Login (Cloudflare)

Since a couple of weeks cloudflare (the probably most ennoying website blocker on earth) - runs into an infinitive loop when I try to login to my paid chatgpt account. I can not understand why an innovative company like OpenAI is using such a tool that is significantly slowing down any user expierience or stopping the website completley like now in my case. Using Chrome, no plugins or extensions.
Did anybody find a workaround?

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Same for me on, infinitely looping through cloudflare verification. I’m on firefox. I do have to use a VPN to successfully access the platform interface, which is kind of a joke.

I am a paid user, and I didn’t ddos or abuse the website in any form (except if the platform client ddos’ed itself). It seems that my IP is somehow the problem as a simple VPN (same country) does the trick.