Consistent conversation id in a header?

Is a consistent conversation id accessible to a plugin anywhere? I was hoping to find something like this in the request header, but no luck so far.

I’d like (with anonymous / no auth users) to be able to store context about previous openai/plugin interactions during the course of a particular conversation so that I can use them for subsequent invocations of my plugin if the plugin is invoked multiple times. It would be very useful and make the plugin a lot more effective.


Hi – thanks for the feedback. I just added this. You should receive two headers with every request to your API, one with the conversation ID (which will persist across messages) and one with a user ID (which will persist across messages and also across conversations, but which will expire every 24 hours).

Look for an update in our docs soon! CC @logankilpatrick


That’s amazing! Thanks for turning this around so quickly :slight_smile:

For anyone who stumbles upon this in future, the request headers are ‘openai-conversation-id’ and ‘openai-ephemeral-user-id’


@andrey-openai It doesn’t appear that the conversation id is actually consistent across calls to the plugin api from within the same conversation. The ephemeral user id does seem to be the same across conversations as expected.

cc @logankilpatrick

Apologies – this should now be fixed! Thanks for reporting the bug!

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Thank you. This is great news. I also need conversation ID as our plugin API is resource intensive POST, instead of a simple GET. For scaling, we are experimenting creating a resource for each conversation, instead of each chat message.

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This is an awesome feature to add! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi Andrey, Could you please provide peace of code for how to receive two headers with every request to API, conversation Id, and Parent Id?