We are having difficulty retrieving the conversation_id (using the API), so we can return to our conversation and continue the conversation with context. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is not possible currently.

You cannot connect prompts/completions with each other.

To continue the conversation, you need to send the entire conversation thus far in the prompt each time. There’s quite a few examples of this on GitHub in various languages.

Hope this helps.

Very helpful thanks!

Hi Paul - Do we know when conversation_id will be supported ?

does it meant, every each conversion will cost more token? (because the prompt needed to pass the history of chat? )

That may be one reason OpenAI decides to lower the chat token cost by 90%.


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Hi Paul, returns the conversation id, are there plans to allow the use of this as a parentMessageId in the future?

Some libraries e.g. 01 02 have this / say they have this already.

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As of today indeed we receive an id but we can’t use it. It’s quite easy to implement history of the messages and then pass them back every time but if only we have that converastion_id in the game. Oh boy, this will be a game changer because we can keep a conversation for very long time.

To me this just looks like it must be stored locally and then called whenever you would would use that id.
Pulls it up and sends the whole conversation again. But not 100% sure

Probably the conversation_ID we see in response is more about openAI being able to check that conversation(api call) for abuse or anything else and have some ID on it. Or you can report something to openAI and mention the ID which they can lookup. Probably also related to “user” we can send

Hi PaulBellow but conversion_id and parent_id both are coming in playground examples why not an API?

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