We are having difficulty retrieving the conversation_id (using the API), so we can return to our conversation and continue the conversation with context. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is not possible currently.

You cannot connect prompts/completions with each other.

To continue the conversation, you need to send the entire conversation thus far in the prompt each time. There’s quite a few examples of this on GitHub in various languages.

Hope this helps.

Very helpful thanks!

Hi Paul - Do we know when conversation_id will be supported ?

does it meant, every each conversion will cost more token? (because the prompt needed to pass the history of chat? )

That may be one reason OpenAI decides to lower the chat token cost by 90%.


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Hi Paul, returns the conversation id, are there plans to allow the use of this as a parentMessageId in the future?

Some libraries e.g. 01 02 have this / say they have this already.

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