How do you tell how many people have installed your plugin?

Our DAIZY plugin is live and we can see usage as api requests come in, but we have no idea how many people have installed it.
We tried asking GPT to give us a userID value in a param when calling the API, but it won’t. So we have no way of counting the unique users triggering requests.

Anyone else able to do this?



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Well, why not configure an OAuth authentication, then?

yep, we could, but it’s a barrier for new users so we’d rather not. But if this is the only way then we’ll have to accept that, but we’re looking for alternatives to get this info.

I believe there is no other alternative, unfortunately.

I’ve seen some notes about some kind of “session-id” but this is not persisting and differs on any chat window from what I understood.

Anyway, if you wanna have a look at we provide a passwordless email flow for authenticating your users. I hope it can help :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Will take a look.


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Have a look at this thread - there’s a user Id in the headers that you could use.

‘openai-conversation-id’ and ‘openai-ephemeral-user-id’

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But don’t miss the most important part of the thread ^^

but which will expire every 24 hours).

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Oooh - good spot, completely missed that!

So, slightly off-the-wall approach - if you are generating images, then you could drop a cookie with the image and use that for tracking in some way.

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