Connected bubbles with text visualization?

For two separate GPT-3 projects I had in mind – where the user would be presented with different results from the same prompt generation – I found it useful to display the result as connected text bubbles:

Or with some icing on the cake:

The D3.js framework seems like a good candiate, but I’m unsure with which visualization model of theirs one would start. If anyone knows how to solve it, help at my StackOverflow question and/ or here would be appreciated – and maybe it helps someone else who wants to use the same visualization! Thanks!

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Unfortunately, I don’t think I can be of assistance in this case, but I’ll be watching with interest. UI/UX is so important…

You know what… I remember a CSS radial button (on CodePen maybe) that when clicked would balloon out. It was just for navigation, though. Having a full framework is likely the much better option.

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My (genius) friend solved it!

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Nice! Congrats. Will be interesting to see how you use it.

Came across that radial button on CodePen while browsing for something else tonight…How’s your project going?