KnowledgeGraph GPT - Converting unstructured text into a Knowledge graph

Transform plain text into a visually stunning knowledge graph with GPT-3 technology! This app converts text into RDF tuples and colors them based on frequency, creating a dynamic and informative representation of your data. Download the resultant RDF Tuples as a JSON file for easy integration and analysis.

Example Prompt: Bob is Anna’s father. Anna’s mother is Angela. Anna also has a brother John son of Bob. Show me all the relationships that exist.

Github Repo: GitHub - iAmmarTahir/KnowledgeGraphGPT: Transform plain text into a visually stunning Knowledge Graph with GPT-3! It converts text into RDF tuples, and highlights the most frequent connections with a vibrant color-coding system. Download the results as a convenient JSON file for easy integration into your own projects.
Website: KnowledgeGraph GPT


Wow, nice work! Great idea. Did you host it somewhere? I’d love to play with it.

Thanks!! Here’s the link: You have to provide your OpenAI API key and you can generate the graphs by entering the prompt

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Any way you could make an option for exporting the resulting visuals to high resolution PNG? Works great otherwise!