KnowledgeGraph GPT - Converting unstructured text into a Knowledge graph

Transform plain text into a visually stunning knowledge graph with GPT-3 technology! This app converts text into RDF tuples and colors them based on frequency, creating a dynamic and informative representation of your data. Download the resultant RDF Tuples as a JSON file for easy integration and analysis.

Example Prompt: Bob is Anna’s father. Anna’s mother is Angela. Anna also has a brother John son of Bob. Show me all the relationships that exist.

Github Repo: GitHub - iAmmarTahir/KnowledgeGraphGPT: Transform plain text into a visually stunning Knowledge Graph with GPT-3! It converts text into RDF tuples, and highlights the most frequent connections with a vibrant color-coding system. Download the results as a convenient JSON file for easy integration into your own projects.
Website: KnowledgeGraph GPT


Wow, nice work! Great idea. Did you host it somewhere? I’d love to play with it.

Thanks!! Here’s the link: You have to provide your OpenAI API key and you can generate the graphs by entering the prompt

Any way you could make an option for exporting the resulting visuals to high resolution PNG? Works great otherwise!