Confirming there is no way to send data to a Custom GPT at rest

My understanding is that when at rest (not responding to a user prompt), a custom GPT is not able to receive callbacks and there is no mechanism for an action used to then asynchronously send data back to the custom GPT?

It seems that the best option is to setup a cycle of sleeping and checking for updates in the prompt, explaining to the custom GPT that it should respond to the user and then wait and query for more information.

Is this the case?

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Are you trying to get a GPT to generate a response on it’s own? That is not possible.

I would recommend not using GPTs at all here, and just develop a service with the APIs and Assistants. That will allow you the kind of control and use case you’re looking for. Understanding how to build atop the API will also help in understanding what interacting with these models is actually doing under the hood.

You are fitting a square peg in a round hole my friend. There is no way any part of your concept is gonna fit with a custom GPT.

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I agree with @Macha that a CustomGPT isn’t the right option, but I disagree that you’re squeezing square things into round things.

You’re correct, the only way to interact with a cGPT is while it’s active.

But if you need something out there intelligently collecting data for later use in the conversation, you could make an Assistant (via the API) that does the various steps. Then, there could be an Action in a separate CustomGPT (via the ChatGPT UI) that calls the Assistant, and the Assistant provides the relevant data for use in the convesation.

Here, the Assistant does all the work, they don’t “sleep,” and you’re using them as a communications hub that can still interact with people using the ChatGPT UI.

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The whole draw of Custom GPT’s is so that you don’t have to make your own UI. Yes, you can do all this with the Assistants API, but now you’re reinventing a lot of the wheel (mainly the UI).

OpenAI should just allow Custom GPT’s to respond to webhooks. And they should expand the ChatGPT UI to more resemble text messages or email; i.e. you get notifications or badges for unread messages pushed by the AI.

Also, they should fix the bugs in the Custom GPTs that prevent it from doing very simple things like adding multiple HTTP headers in requests. Ugh.

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