Configure Zapier Plugin: ONLY ON INSTALL?

When I install the Zapier plugin, it pops up a window where I can add Zapier functions.

I can NOT seem to re initiate the plugin to get back to that modal once it is closed. What am I missing, or is that just the way it is right now?

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Same here, I need to uninstall and install every time to setup the same. Should be some way like having a ‘settings’ as an icon which can allow a popup with contextual options including install/uninstall.

I passed this along to the Zapier team! Thanks for the feedback.

Try asking “Can I configure more Zapier actions?” while the Zapier plugin is enabled!


• Check your email inbox for an email from Zapier titled: “Zapier API access for Natural Language Actions Beta”
• Click on Get Started link in the email or go here: Get Started - Zapier Natural Language Actions
• Click on the “Manage Actions” next to the “Dev App” row

That brings up the dialog. WHY ISN’T THIS A LINK FROM WITHIN ChatGPT?!

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Seem my reply below. It’s accessible form Zapier. (Not ideal)

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I have already linked my zapier to my google analytics and created a zap for running a report, but keep getting this error:
UnrecognizedFunctionError: google_analytics_run_report
I apologize for the inconvenience. It seems that there was an issue with accessing the “Run Report” action for Google Analytics. Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I don’t have the capability to directly execute this action.


That’s the same kind of error when I try to connect ANYTHING through Zapier. The data is getting handled but ChatGPT is refusing to read the data.

I was simply trying to pull the draft for a book I wrote and have ChatGPT work with me to analyze/edit/revise it without having to paste the whole thing into the actual ChatGPT interface and it simply refused to.

I then tried to connect BigQuery to run a search on some records and return them to ChatGPT - same kind of error, won’t work with it…

I then tried to do the same search but this time on a Google Sheet connected to BigQuery, same kind of error, Unrecognized Func Error…

So far I haven’t been able to get a SINGLE plugin to actually work.

When you close the modal, it retains its previous state, including any buttons or rendered content. To ensure a fresh start when reopening the modal

  • Unfortunately, the behavior you’re experiencing might be inherent to the current implementation of the Zapier plugin. If there’s no built-in way to reinitialize the modal, you might need to manually reopen the plugin each time.
  • Consider reaching out to the plugin’s support or checking the documentation for any specific instructions on reopening the modal after it’s closed. [:sunflower:]