"Command Not Found": A Persistent OpenAI Issue

Hello ,
I have spent the last 2 hours trying to follow instructions here:
but with no luck.
As soon as I try to run the command: `openai tools fine_tunes.prepare_data -f myfile.csv
I get: openai: command not found.

The documentation mentions nothing and many people seems to be trying to solve it, but nothing works.
Any ideas?

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It seems something related to your system.

I guess you’re using Mac, in that case, make sure you’re installing OpenAI CLI with the PIP of Python 3:

pip3 install --upgrade openai

I would suggest changing the category of the post to API discussion or API feedback since this is an API related question.

And I also suggest you try what @360macky said.

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Btw, it would be awesome to mark correct answers. Since I guess a proper installation of the OpenAI CLI is the fix of the problem.

I’ve wrote a quick guide on how to install the OpenAI CLI properly, check it out here: How to Install OpenAI CLI on MacOS – Kevin Goedecke


Used AI to make title more specific. It was to generic.