Collecting lead/customer contact info through GPTs

Hey everyone,

We’ve been working on multiple GPTs and realized we needed a way to handle potential leads. So, we created Leed ( as an internal tool. It’s a pretty simple tool that lets your GPT models request and record contact info from interested users.

We’re planning to add more features (a lot more actions for GPTs) down the line, but it’s pretty basic in its current form. We thought it could be useful for other GPT developers, so we’re making it available for everyone for free!

Check it out if you’re interested. Feedback is always welcome!

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Thanks for sharing.

Please update on this thread if there’s anything new.

Good luck!

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That looks like a great solution if you want to waste your time setting things up to get the exact same result for the exact same price - for free. Thanks for sharing.

This is related to data collection. Trusting a 3rd party like the website you mentioned is impossible and the best solution is to use open-source and self-host it

No, it is not related to data collection. You are here although there are open source alternatives to both GPT 4 and GPT Store. So it is not impossible to trust 3rd party websites and best solution is, in fact, not using open-source and self-hosting. Again, thank you for trying to waste people’s time, but I don’t think you will be successful.

How rude, and a mirror of narrow mindedness showing from yourself. your approach to communicating, if altered to a more friendly tone, would invoke more responses and help.

10 line no brainer code I shared a while ago has 200+ stars. You beg people to take a look at your worthless “open-source” projects because you believe it is the only way to go to investors and beg for money. Whereas, we deliver easy and free to use solution we ourselves use and don’t have any malicious behind the scenes intentions like you. Who is rude and narrow minded here? Please keep this forum free from cancerous easy to get rich schemes like yours. Thank you.

Also, another note, “your approach to communicating, if altered to a more friendly tone, would invoke more responses and help”. What a hypocrite, tells this to us, who shared an internal service for free for others, to defend someone calling our efforts malicious. Where are the moderators??

I did not beg anybody for anything, i merely highlighted you agressive manner, as i saw you replies to another user, and stepped in to comment. you are aggressive even now, and you should not be allowed to post at all, when all you do is attack people, this is a place of learning and discussion, not vile agression.

At this point you have each flagged each other’s post.

I’ll encourage everyone here to treat each other with kindness and respect, it’s much better to advocate for your own opinion instead of hurling insults at each other.


[dnzozcan], I apologize for escalating the situation, instead of de-escalating. My words were not meant to trigger, yet upon reflection, I can see how they might have been perceived that way. I’m sure you are not narrow-minded, and I appreciate the effort and passion you bring to your work and contributions to this community.

I realize that we all come from different backgrounds and perspectives, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. I would like to extend an olive branch and suggest that we continue our discussions with mutual respect and understanding. Our shared goal is to learn and grow, and I believe that we can achieve this more effectively through constructive and supportive dialogue.

Let’s use this as an opportunity to model the kind of community we all want to be part of—one where diverse ideas are welcomed, where we learn from each other, and where everyone feels respected and valued. Thank you for your contributions, and I look forward to engaging in more positive and fruitful discussions in the future."


Hello @DingbatDelerium , thank you for your kind message. I apologize for not considering your criticism thoroughly and jumping into conclusion that primary aim was defending and promoting the other person. Thank you for taking your time to explain your intentions and I am also looking forward to carry on a constructive conversation throughout the forum in the future.


I’m happy to see everyone getting back on track and apologizing to each other, I hope other people will take inspiration from this in the future :heart: