Sharing project for searching custom GPTs in a custom GPT

Hello All!
I’d love to get some thoughts and feedback on a project I’ve been working on recently.

I have a custom GPT:

That searches an index of custom GPTs via an Action and recommends them to users.

There is also a web app to search the GPTs directly at

The GPTs are indexed via a vector database (Weaviate) so they can be searched via topic.

I would like to add ratings and reviews, but one thing missing (as far as I’m aware) is a unique identifier for the user which can be be posted to an Action such that we can organize what user submitted which ratings/reviews (even if in anonymized form).

Anyone have thoughts on how to handle organizing content submitted by users of the GPT?

Asking the user for personally identifying information like an email address to associate with submitted content seems like it would be against GPT guidelines. Giving the user a randomized id like “purple-tiger” would mean the user would need to remember it and tell the GPT it next time, which seems non-ideal. Clicking a link to go to some external page to link accounts also seems non-ideal and perhaps against guidelines.

I have a short write-up of the project here:

Would love comments and feedback, especially re: how to improve the GPT experience.


Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for sharing your project with us. We just ask that you keep updates to this single thread, so it’s easier for us to keep up to date on everything.

Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great community growing here.

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Thanks Paul! It’s great to be here.

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Yeah, That’s a really nice project. I came thru the same thinking and at the end at decided to build on a separate website to be able to id user : (still work in progress)

Including OAuth just to get unique user id is a bit heavy handed; was hoping for a simpler solution in the near term.