FeatureTranscribeAI - Have OpenAI code with the context of your codebase

Hey guys!
I recently built an open source project called FeatureTranscribeAI that does the following:

  • Generates embeddings from your codebase
  • Analyzes user input for feature requests
  • Identifies relevant existing code
  • Crafts prompts for generative models to automatically generate code fulfilling the feature request.

Link to Project
It won’t let me add links to this post so you can copy and paste this without the spaces to view it:
github .com /miltonian/feature-transcribe-ai

Would love your feedback or, even better, your contributions :slight_smile:

Also, while creating this project, I’ve also thought about how Devin, the first A.I. Software Engineer, has caused both fear and excitement about the future of engineering. It would be amazing if a project like FeatureTranscribeAI could follow the same path as Devin except for one difference: it would be governed by the developer community rather than a private company. This approach would allow us to ensure the project serves to assist us rather than replace us. I’m eager to hear your perspectives!