Code of Conduct (CoC) for OpenAI as vendor for your company

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to add new suppliers into our purchase system we are instructed to have a Code of Conduct (CoC) of the supplier. My question to support@openai was not answered effectively so I ask the community if there is something known like that and could be send to me.
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WOW thanks. How did you find this? :wink:

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You are welcome! I needed the same thing for one of my clients :smile:

@Foxalabs in with the win! Nice!

It’s weird to me that the page is in the /policies directory, but not actually listed on the Policies page.


Maybe that should be updated to include a link to the Suppliers CoC?

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Yea, I was also confused by it not being linked there.


Just make sure you have the right document:

You want

to add new suppliers into our purchase system

and the code of conduct document provided by @Foxalabs is about OpenAI’s

relationships with suppliers and their subsidiaries, affiliates, subcontractors, and sub tier suppliers (collectively referred to as “Suppliers”).

The document is about guidelines that suppliers to OpenAI must adhere to. But I gather that OpenAI is a supplier to your company.

In a case where I would have to get my hands on such a document I would contact sales, since they handle B2B matters.

IDK, hope this helps somewhat.

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It’s a common practice for companies that follow ethical practices to ensure that every supplier in their chain also does so, so the Code of Conduct is a document stating that OpenAI also follows the agreed procedures.


It’s technically not the correct document as I wrote above.
Even though, I can see myself filing it to get done with the requirement of filing a document. This is the type of stuff that turns up during audits.

I stick to my advice of contacting sales. In the meantime the document should suffice.