ChatPGT 4 Will Not Work and My Search Query History Is Gone (How Should I Report This Properly?)

When I cleared my cookies from Mozilla Firefox and reloaded the page and re-entered my login information, my search query history was completely blank and the option to ask questions in ChatGPT 4 disappeared. The site says the service is still active so I don’t know what has happened? Do I enter this issue here and it count as a find for the Bug Bounty Program? Honestly, I care more about recovering my previous search queries.

Try logging in on another browser such as Brave or Librewolf.

You’ve lost your chat history, they have had this problem before.
that’s why it’s best to copy the text as you chat with the AI, always need to backup.

They are having a lot of problems right now.

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I tried Chrome, it still had the same issue. Then I downloaded Brave and it works just fine, it even has all of my search queries. Thank you RetroBot! Should I report this issue anywhere else? To make sure the development teams know about this problem?