- Chat with any PDF using the new ChatGPT API

I can’t use my own API key anymore? :frowning:


  • 2,000 pages /PDF
  • 32 MB /PDF
  • 25 PDFs /day
  • 1,000 questions /day

Who does this subscription make sense for? I’m not processing 25 PDFs per day, every day. I’m using it occasionally to look at a few long documents. Using my own API key with ChatPDF cost me ~$0.50 this month, and now I can’t use it anymore…

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Hello, i’m impressed of your implementation :slight_smile:
I’ve tested it with an Asimov novel, just about the AI Multivac :wink:
I did a question after reading a large paragraph of one of the protagonists,but although i repeated the question in serveral ways, it always answered “Sorry, the source file doesn’t provide information about this…”.

So i suspect that you used embeddings to find the most relevant paragraph of the document and ask chatGPT to process a good answer based on that paragraph. Or maybe you pass 2 paragraphs? How many paragraphs are you passing?

I know that this is a “delicate detail” because each word you pass to the endpoint is computed as billed tokens :slight_smile: but maybe the trick to get it run better is to pass more information. Or maybe the previous and the next paragraph to each one selected as most similar by embeddings.

Can you talk about these details? Thanks anyway! it’s a good example to follow!

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I found similar tool with better accuracy and UI. PdfGPT

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@ouchao The backend is running on Node, written in TypeScript!

Find the most similar document embeddings to the question embedding, how do you implement this function in node, I only know that you can use the function in python to return the similarity between two vectors.

Brave variating your temperature in regards to your chatbots responses.
I’ve already signed up for your Plus version.
Nice Stripe API prompting. :wink:

It’s a great UI but “accuracy”?

Perhaps if we aspire to write useful chatgpt API integration we should tske care of obsoletism and share more.

Join more groups that are fun and not gulag inducing.

Personally one of the greatest achievements we can make as progenitors of this chrysalis that we’re in is to build the ultimate symbolic AI SDK environment.

Break out the hand gestures of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, kids.

If we as a people accomplish this can you imagine what a PDF tool would like then?

Would love to enjoy the benefits of and hybridized.

Each have poured their passion into their models.

Rock on!


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Does any of the both solutions (ChatPDF / pdfGPT) offer it’s own API? My use case is to implement something to “chat” with the PDF file(s) programatically. Do I need to tokenize the PDF by myself and use the ChatGPT API directly or can I take benefit of any existing solution?

try this instead pdfgpt

Which also provide references. Based on response you received on chatbot you can click and easily navigate to that particular page.

You can use this, this is still free and can use your own api, pdfgpt

I entered my API key I tested already twice today.
It’s stuck with a barebones copy of chrome
says “we’re wroking to get faster” but my PDF is only 8 pages long.

I hit the same issue. pdfGPT shows “it’s being processed” for several hours. but my PDF is only 10 pages.

I’ve seen tutorials where the spelling is less than average and chatGPT AI still seems to get it.

maybe they showed the AI that gobblety goo meme that went around the internet about misspelled words.

We have upgraded speed, Please check again and provide feedback to improve system.

API key not recognized… keep on telling me to input API key, even if i have input thousand times.


It’s the same for me, it’s a shame, it doesn’t make any sense for me to use it anymore.

I wrote my own Python script to feed chunks of the book to ChatGPT API and ask questions about each chunk and collect the results. Costs a lot less and I can customize it as I want.

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That doesn’t work. I paste my API key and it says “Please input your apiKey!” and doesn’t accept it.

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Wish this actually worked. Would be so helpful. Hope it does in future. Similar to others. It says it doesn’t have any info on pages.

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The same is happening to me, It just won’t accept my api key.