ChatGPT's inability to read Excel files

I am a user of TeamPlan.

Lately, I have been experiencing frequent and prolonged errors with ChatGPT’s inability to read Excel files. Two days ago, there was an instance where it could not read an Excel file for over 12 hours, and today, after initially reading files successfully, it has started failing again.

I have been promoting ChatGPT’s data analysis capabilities to various companies because of its proficiency. In fact, I am scheduled to conduct a special lecture next week for over 100 HR and training managers of Korean companies. However, the ongoing issues are causing me significant anxiety.

I am supposed to demonstrate data analysis in front of these corporate employees, and it would be extremely embarrassing and terrible if I am unable to read Excel files during the demonstration.

This problem persists across multiple computers and locations.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Me too, have this issue, it gave me several error analyzing.

Having same issue, GPTs cannot seem to see Excel or CSV files:

This is definitely an issue. It is not reading csv, xlsx, or txt files. Big problem.

ChatGPT4 was able to provide very good analysis for data on two excel files that I uploaded. After that, it started to act up and I was not able to proceed with more files. Terribly upset as I have to finish the analyses within a short timeline. I see several feedback on the same problem in this forum but there were no response or solutions from OpenAI or other community users? Is this a bug or some kind of limitations? Hope someone can shed light on this issue and provide some workaround.

I’m also having the same problem. I upload the file in .xlsx, but ChatGPT reports that it did not receive any file.
Later, I cleaned the cookies and sent it again and ChatGPT informed me that it was unable to perform data analysis, as it had previously analyzed the same table.