ChatGPT4 Losing Context Easily Now (Botsplaining)

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to share an experience I’ve recently been having with ChatGPT-4 that might resonate with some of you. I work extensively with Python, AWS, and other cloud-related technologies. In the past, I found GPT-4’s interface to be quite effective in handling code snippets. I could paste my code, and it would maintain context throughout our conversation, providing valuable insights and assistance.

However, lately, I’ve noticed a change that has affected my interaction with the model. After pasting the same code that used to work seamlessly, GPT-4 seems to lose context immediately. It often asks me to share information about the code I’ve just pasted, which can be frustrating, especially when working on complex projects.
[As a brief]

  • I pasted the code with a question at the end (I’ve always worked like this with GPT)
  • It ignores my question and proceeds to explain the code.
  • Then i pasted the question again.
  • Then it invents a piece of code that is not present in the code and claims it is a part found in my code.
  • I repeat the question once again
  • It apologizes and states he has no source code to look into
  • Then I tell him the code was in the first message of the conversation, and he states that it is not true, as the first message is: “Proceed to copy the second message I posted, the one with the question only”.
  • Then I pasted the source code again and began doing some tests on how much comprehension it has.
  • At some point, it will start inventing code again.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 2.21.42 AM|690x262

Note: I know about tokens and all of that. My issue is: why did it work before but now it has become frustrating?

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Hi @ophydami
I noticed this was happening to me when I had set ‘Custom Instructions’, as soon as I took those away, ChatGPT remembered the context of the conversation in follow-up answers again. Maybe something to do with the long prompts I was entering plus the length of the Custom Instructions?