ChatGPT Web create assistants but can't reuse it

Through the My GPTs assistants created via ChatGPT Web, since the Assistants id is not visible, it’s also not possible to invoke it through the assistants API. This seems quite unreasonable, as it prevents the sharing of assistants. In, the My GPTs assistants created through ChatGPT Web are also not displayed.

ChatGPT Plus GPTs ARE NOT API’s assistants.

If you are not an API programmer, and not making API products, do not look at API documentation.

GPTs are for using yourself or can be shared with a link to other ChatGPT Plus subscribers. They can become actually useful and not a prompt hack by extending them with the same API calls to your backend service like plugins use.

From the perspective of a creator, as a developer, if it’s not possible to share the assistants created via ChatGPT Web both in Mygpts and my application, then it will require twice the time to maintain My GPTs assistants with the same assistants