Chatgpt doesn't know how to create assistants - or anything in its own docs

Wierd , and correct me if I’m wrong . but when I ask Chatgpt 4 about implementing assistants it tried to search the web and came back with useless information.
My hack method: I copied all I could find, added to a single page in Confluence, copied into Anthropic and quizzed it!

I see another topic on this now after posting.

  • CHatgpt should have developer information in its capabilities
  • Similarily, the docs should have gpt built in so that we can ask questions to the docs.

However, I couldn’t find detailed step-by-step instructions on the actual creation and management process of Assistants within the OpenAI platform. This information might be more detailed in specific documentation sections or API guides, which would require further exploration.

For a comprehensive understanding and practical steps, I recommend checking the OpenAI API documentation directly, particularly sections related to the Assistants API.

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I usually just drop the URL of the relevant docs page which it can crawl and get most recent data.

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