ChatGPT vs BingChat/ EdgeChat

We all know, Bing and Edge is bringing a better version of ChatGPT with internet connection and latest data FOR FREE on edge and bing.
At this point, isn’t ChatGPT plus a total obsolete? Why would someone pay for something that can be accessed for free?

I guess a lot of people see value in what chatgpt can do now. I haven’t seen bing chat or edge chat and can’t comment on their capabilities.

But chatgpt does a good job for me and bing chat is chatgpt linked to the bing search engine. It’s good at content but I have seen how it performs with tasks

If the other products prove to be better then I guess people may reconsider things then

Business Insider made a list of 20 sample queries and compared it in both tools:

I am impresed that Bing provides “Learn more” links. Game changer when it comes to research and education tool.

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I do have access to the new Bing.It still needs alot of work, for example i asked Bing Chat what league position Liverpool is right now, it confidently told me they are 4th and they played 23 games, but they actually had been 10th with 20 games played.

It is not very accurate at this point. Also it is not trained on the same data. Also you are not able to save previous conversations with Bing Chat and name them, which you can with ChatGPT. So the Bing Chat hype is huge, but at this point it fails to deliver on many points, but im sure it will improve over time.