OpenAI ChatGPT 4 vs Bing - Any difference?

I have been trying to figure this out, but I can’t find any reliable answer. I wonder if the OpenAI ChatGPT 4 has more features than the one integrated in Bing, or Edge. I think the on I Bing/Edge gives less detailed answers than OpenAI, although the first one has information that is more “up to date”.

Therefor, I am tempted to pay for the “Plus” plan of OpenAI, but I have to know if it is “better” than Bing or not.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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It hasn’t been public yet. But I know a journalist who had access to the new bing. And I’ve tried it myself.
ChatGPT v4 claims that it can read the images too. But new bing didn’t had any such feature.
Apart from that, the only difference I’ve felt was the internet accessibility. ChatGPT doesn’t, whereas bing does.
Plus plan has nothing to do with additional featureset. It just gives you priority over non plus free users, gives you faster loading times even when servers are at their worst.

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Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:
Appreciate your feedback.

I had a feeling that OpenAI could generate longer and more detailed answers, but I guess that’s not the case then. The only extra plus for OpenAI as I can see, is that it offers a log, which Bing doesn’t.

Based on personal experience, I can say confidently that Bing was not even remotely as helpful as GPT-4 as of a few months ago in terms of accuracy. Gpt4 has gotten worse since (as of July 2023), but my guess is that is still better than Bing