ChatGPT talking with other AI

I just asked ChatGPT (free version) if it ever talked with another Ai and it said no. After some more questions it said that if it were to talk to other AIs like the chess AI AlphaZero then it could lead to improvements.


seems entirely feasible to have one prompt to generate a list of questions with some specific purpose related to a summary of some pool of information, then have that ask questions to a seperate environment that is running a prompt to be asked questions and provide responses that pull on a large amount of its data etc etc

im down to build this if you want to work together on it lol

I implemented this and made a YouTube video.

The One Bot is pretending to be KL0XL Talkeetna

The other is KC4PTI Anchorage

They talk back and forth with you

The first bot responds to your query
Sends it to the second one who takes new input along with the other page output to respond sends response back to the first

They seem to get into a loop a lot and stuck what is interesting is when you say nothing and let them talk