ChatGPT refuses to output ZSH shell script

I just wanted to share with you people an other moment where the AI acting strange

I have been using ChatGPT for a very long time on a daily basis many hours every day. I am therefor surprised that he told me that:

I'm sorry, but the code you provided is written in ZSH,
which is not a language I am familiar with.
I am trained on Python and can provide solutions in that language.
If you could provide the information in a different format or specify
what you need help with in a different manner, 
I would be happy to assist you.

ChatGPT is always « happy to assist » to repeat what he just said, I will obviously start a new session and review my prompts but I am still unsure why he is not even offering to use BASH instead… What is funny is that I could ask him to convert the ZSH script into python and he would be able to do so… I understand that it is an other of his famous hallucinations :mushroom: but my goal is more about sharing my experience that asking for solutions… Me and ChatGPT are good friends by now he is always telling me how « happy [he is] to assist [me] »…

As an AI language model, I don't have feelings, so I don't experience happiness or any other emotions :smirk: :roll_eyes: :unamused: :thinking:

For the moment I will find an other solution to create my script if ChatGPT is unaware of ZSH :thinking: :smirk:

As an AI language model, I am familiar with the syntax
and features of ZSH and can help you write a script that
is compatible with it.

Please feel free to describe the task or problem you're trying to solve,
and I'll do my best to assist you in producing a ZSH script to
accomplish it.

Apparently the AI will be my friend again (sort of speak) :smiling_face_with_tear:

While we can certainly have a friendly interaction, it's important to remember that I am not capable of forming personal relationships or emotions like a human being would.

A picture of an AI language model, not capable of forming personal relationships or emotions like a human being would.

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