The perfect shell script according to ChatGPT-3.5

When I described the way I wanted to move backup folders on my Fedora linux using script and then asked for best practices in the context of my previous request the AI told me that:

Certainly, I will do my best to provide you with clear, detailed and specific instructions on how to craft the perfect script you have in mind. Please follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Determine the purpose and tone of your script: Before you begin writing your script, it’s essential to identify the purpose of your script and the tone you want to convey. This includes considering the target audience, the message you want to deliver and the emotions you want to evoke.
  2. Create a script outline: Once you have determined the purpose and tone of your script, create an outline that covers the key points you want to make in your script. This will help you organize your ideas and ensure that you include all the essential information.
  3. Develop a strong opening: The opening of your script is critical. It should be attention-grabbing and engaging to hook the audience and keep them interested.
  4. Write clear, concise dialogue: Your script should contain clear and concise dialogue that conveys your message effectively. Use active voice and avoid overly complicated language.
  5. Use visual aids: Use visual aids such as images or videos to support your message and make your script more engaging.
  6. Edit and revise your script: After you have written your script, take the time to review and revise it. Make sure it flows well and that the message is clear and concise.
  7. Practice and rehearse: Once you have completed your script, practice and rehearse it to ensure that you are comfortable delivering it. This will help you sound more natural and confident when you present it.
  8. Record your script: Record your script in a quiet environment using a high-quality microphone. Make sure the recording is clear and free of background noise.
  9. Edit and finalize your recording: After you have recorded your script, edit it to remove any errors or unnecessary parts. Finalize your recording by adding any necessary music, sound effects, or other audio elements.
  10. Test and refine: Test your script with a test audience and make any necessary refinements based on their feedback.

I hope these steps are clear and detailed enough to help you craft the perfect script you have in mind. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification on any of the steps.

The fact that OpenAI decided that it’s AI was not to be taking account of the context anymore is beyond my understanding… My hypothesis is that it might make the AI faster but the fact that I am the only one person experiencing issues is also something that is puzzling me to say the least when I said that it was strongly expected that the AI would have been able to infer from what I said previously this is my request leading to the inference above and it was following instructions on how I wanted the shell script to be crafted:

please craft clear instruction such that an other AI session or that an other human person given only those clear step by steps instruction would be capable of crafting the perfect script I have in mind and that I have explained to you in our previous conversation please be specific please be clear please be as detailed as it needs to be please add as many steps as it makes sens to have please detail the sub elements and the sub steps with also as much details make the instruction on the imperative form like a recipe and instruct the person to do all the details that you think are important so that there would be no place for ambiguity

I have been trying other prompts and I am unable to find out solutions and I am just sad and frustrated… I have been working for months with the AI watching all those videos about how to prompt the AI and the research paper review and the people who explain to ask the AI to summarize and all that jazz… but today when I was asking the AI to make me a NodeJS script and he decided to give me the first message in JavaScript and then the next one in python (Updating with information I mentioned 3 messages before like if it was unable to infer from what was said 2 messages before) I feel desperate, frustrated and sad… I would pay 40$ per month if I could use the version of ChatGPT that was available in February I think I will never be able to work with this new ChatGPT as It is impossible to get it to do anything meaningful anymore

What do you mean by ChatGPT is not taking context into account (if we are talking about API, not web chat)? It never was. To make ChatGPT consider previous data, prompts, or requests, you must explicitly send that information along with your new request.

I’ve been having issues this week with it cutting off every twently minutes to half hour. Right when i was about done with my strategy and i was happy, BANG it says it lost my conversation and i ahve to start over. It’s been doing that all week and I have a lot of time on here to prove it. It’s relentless sometimes. But I noticed that i think OpenAI is best if we get our own data and fine tune our own bot for a specific goal to acheive the best results. Openai has a tool that transfers your real life data into the proper format. Basically with a hundred to a thousand peices of cocnentrated information with a goal that correlates to it, I can imagine it could do the task so well that aligning it with other sections would be easy and solid as steel. It was telling me how precise it’s calculations are. However nothing could be faster or better unless AI can hold meetings and think things through to develop plans. The model automatically learns what words go with what and when, only Davinci could devise a plan to strike like a god. lol Have a nice day.

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I guess it was placed in the wrong category but @PaulBellow updated it for an easier understanding of the problem… Yes I was taking about the ChatBOT