ChatGPT prompts ''You've reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later''

This error occurred during a chat with ChatGPT, what is going on?


If you’re using gpt-4 on ChatGPT, there’s a limit of 30 messages per hour.

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How to bypass it? (I ate my lunch it’s so yummy this is only because of the stupid limit)


hi i have a same problem: when i tries to say He died to complete career he said you’ve Reached our limit of messages per hour, please try again, So HOW TO I FIX PROBLEM


I’m getting this same error code. do you know how the “messages per hour” rate is determined? does it start a timer based on your first message, or does it reset on the hour (9:00, 10:00, etc), or is it a running average?

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The same situation is happening with GPT3.5 in Japan. I am in trouble because it seems that it has been revised downward from the end of May.

I am curious why buy the plus or the same can not transmit the problem.

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I thought upgrading my account would fix this. Did I just pay $20 bucks for nothing?


I think now ChatGPT want’s every professional to upgrade.

same problem with the limit affecting chat 3.5. What is the point to pay if you are as restricted as a free account? I think it is time to cancel my Plus account.


So I paid for nothing right now for plus to avoid this limit and it still shows it, putting a chargeback with my bank, some true BS. It happens on 3.5 as well not cool.

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Same thing hear in the uae I wonder why it has this limit.

I’ve just renewed my chat gpt 4 membership and I can’t use either 3.5 or 4… I’m getting the same error message on both despite not using it once in about a week. “You’ve reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later.” Any ideas?

hi, I have the same problem, and it happens when turning on web access, without web access it works well, but now I try to check something using web access it freezes saying: 196.
You’ve reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later. I turned off web access it works!

Yeah, I’m getting the same message at 8AM, I just woke up and within 2-3 random requests and it immediately started giving me “you’re reached our limit of messages per 24 hours.” I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet so there’s no way I reached the daily limit! I’m paying $20 a month and I can’t get past breakfast!

Also it seems to apply both to 4 and 3.5, 3.5 which I haven’t used at all in the past 30 days. Both are shutdown.

I just got “You’ve reached our limit of messages per 24 hours. Please try again later.”
I am on a paid account and nowhere near my hourly limit.
I am on a GNAT connection, so my ip address is shared among god knows how many clients at my isp. I suspect that it might be a limitation per ip address rather than per account. If that is the case, they should really exempt paid account from that limitation.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes, my colleague sitting next to me used the free version and still used it normally and he even used it more than me. While I’m subscribed to PLUS and I usually only use GPT 3.5. So you pay for less usage and are limited… It doesn’t seem to be because of the IP because I use it on my phone and computer, I’ve logged out and logged back in and it still has the same problem…

This might be a reason for me to consider looking for another AI tool or switching back to the free version of ChatGPT (I actually don’t use GPT4 as much as I thought I would, I’m always hesitant about unsubscribing from it and this is probably 1 reason). My coworker still uses it normally with free version 3.5 and he seems to try to use it more like he’s chatting with his lover to tease me. I hate feeling like I’m an idiot and have to pay for it…

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I got the same error. I made like 5 prompts this morning working on a big project and now my Super Assistant died. Having a paid account doesn’t matter anymore?

I have wrote my first 2 prompts this morning and I already got the limit message. I’m a Plus user. How is that possible?