ChatGPT Plus works but same CustomGPT on Team doesnt

I wonder if you could help me a really interesting puzzle. I have a customGPT that helps the user find part numbers from part descriptions. This works perfectly via a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
However if use this same Custom GPT via a Team subscription it doesn’t work properly. Via a Team subscription it always fails to properly search the document the 1st time you aske it. If you then ask it search again it will find it. Every single time. Very repeatable behaviour. Bit only via the Team subscription. Works fine on my other Plus subscription.

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same problem here… The code interpreter doesn’t work anymore, the custom GPT is not able to read and extract e.g. zip or excel files anymore while it was able before the switch… I’m quite p****ed off tbh.

Another issue is that I cannot assign a verified domain to the gpt on the builder profile as I was able to do previously. It basically doesn’t allow me anytmore to flag the verified domain as builder…May be it’s a matter of update timing…
This is quite crazy. You pay more you get less.