ChatGPT Plug-in development with Localhost


I wish to report a persistent issue encountered during local plugin development, which began around November 8th or 9th, 2023. The process of installing the plugin via the “Develop your own plugin” interface on localhost:5003 proceeds without incident, and the plugin is listed with a confirmed manifest and OpenAPI specifications. However, an attempt to utilize the plugin yields the following error:

“Plugin for id complete-manifest-6e19d947-dfcf-4682-bf6d-a20af8e34b2dn not found.”

This error occurs despite the fact that plugins downloaded from the official store are functioning as intended. Standard troubleshooting measures such as clearing browser cache, re-authenticating, and reinstalling the plugin have been executed with no success. It is noteworthy that this issue does not impact any of the standard plugins.

Colleagues on this forum [1] are experiencing similar difficulties.

Despite the comprehensive redesign of on November 10th, 2023, the issue remains unresolved.

same here, hard to develop plugins when local installation does not work; @logankilpatrick plz help

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