ChatGPT 'Oops, an error occurred!'

It’s like a down ,the subject message receive when using ChatGPT for plugin! Any fixing? checked inspect and found this

_app-f5b66f561c12e717.js:26 TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘0’ of object ‘[object Array]’
at Array.sort ()
at eb (_app-f5b66f561c12e717.js:26:1933092)
at ek (_app-f5b66f561c12e717.js:26:1933828)
at e5 (_app-f5b66f561c12e717.js:26:529837)
at ab (framework-10a404587b40544b.js:9:60917)
at i (framework-10a404587b40544b.js:9:119475)
at oO (framework-10a404587b40544b.js:9:99114)
at framework-10a404587b40544b.js:9:98981
at oF (framework-10a404587b40544b.js:9:98988)
at ox (framework-10a404587b40544b.js:9:95740)

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facing similar issue here. found any solution to this issue yet?