chatGPT on your Data (revised)

I wrote an article about chatGPT but for your data on Medium maybe a month or so ago (here). We’re about to release this functionality in bundleIQ beta (click here to join).

Here’s a screenshot of the question, “what is the formula for a full life?” and the answer derived from my Apple Notes.

I invite you to join us. We’re launching this coming week.



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This doesn’t really make the concept clear (for me, at least).

You’re basically taking content from each user and then training a new model for them?

Hi Rob. You can import files (pdf + HTML files for now) and organize them in bundles (folders).

Then, you can leverage your data to ask questions & make prompts. Each user has their own model that is trained on their data. This is not a universal model that contains all user’s data.

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