Can chatGBT analyze files?

Can files be uploaded for data analysis or feedback? Wanting to upload files for comparison and guidance based on data analysis.

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You’ll have to be more specific. Try to provide a simple list of bullet points with examples. I have a hunch the answer is yes, but I think your next question will be how.

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Hello!! For example, I have an excel file of data, lets say it is about drive time and mileage, and i want to know an analysis of the average distance each person drove and if alternate routes could have been taken to make person more efficient… I can get the answers by hand with me navigating the file, but was looking to see if chat gbt has a way to review files with prompts… so yes, i am asking the how, if files can be uploaded… still a newbie with this!

We all are for the most part.

Okay - good start. My reaction - you don’t need AGI to meet this objective. You might need AGI to make access to the analyses more useful to your own data access experience. But let’s start with the basics.

  • Given a list of drive times and mileage, I assume you are leaving out two very key data points - beginning and ending locations.
  • Assuming I’ve read your mind :wink: these data points are likely addresses or lat/lng values. With either, we can use simple geometry and openly available services from MapBox and others that will tell us the most optimized route based on either drive time or distance.
  • Compiling the analysis for alternate routing is a question of balance; do you care more about distance? Or more about time?
  • In any case, this is a data analytics problem at its core, not an AI problem.
  • Doing this in Excel is not wise unless you are hopelessly unable to escape from the Microsoft bubble. :wink: I would move the Excel data to Google sheets, where the geometry analytics can be fully automated without cost.
  • Creating a natural language UX for querying the analytical assessment is certainly possible. Still, it should not be considered a magic bullet where you dump in all the parts, and it makes a tasty sausage for you.

I know some very expert AI practitioners in the community will challenge my last point, and I’m anxious to see how that might work. While your vision may be possible, is it practical financially and technically?

I see so many typos in titles

You are so right.


I don’t know what chat GBT is but I do know chatGPT. Please edit the title and make it correct if it really is chatGPT. :slightly_smiling_face:

The title has now been edited so hopefully people aren’t thrown off! lol

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Yes but I still do not know what chatGBT is? :slightly_smiling_face: I do know that ChatGPT it a Generative pre-trained transformer.

If you can follow along in this video it will surely be remembered.

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