ChatGPT occasionally gets stuck on "Using Plugin" for long time for user

Hey all, now that I have user by user metrics, I can see a user getting stuck repeating the same endpoint getting a constant 404 response - when I asked a user about it, it sounded like they got stuck on something similar to the following: Reddit - Dive into anything. On my end, it looks like the same request leading to the same 404 response, in one case leading to as many as 3000 of the same looping request.

I tried modifying my error response to try to mitigate the cycle, but at any given time I can see 1 or 2 users stuck in this “loop”. Have other folks faced something similar, and how have they minimized the frequency of it?

My suggestion is using curl to send a request manually and observe the result directly. Im convinced if you did this, you would intuit the reason why its happening.

The issue is not the request itself - the 404 is completely expected given the data being sent. The issue, rather, is ChatGPT sending the request repeatedly without end.

So: the AI doesn’t understand what the API needs as input, because the description is lacking the necessary language to let it form valid URLs to a limited domain of possibilities. It will try to retry but still can’t succeed.

Also realize that the AI is using info from two or more years ago to guess how to send queries. It might find some stack exchange myspace api and figure that’s the form you need.

If you can’t fix with description prompt engineering, try “(max two calls per question)”

if there is a 404, that meants something is happening in that route.

It is from that point you should decide “what is” the problem. Does that make sense?