Chatgpt not following instructions or reading through entire pdf(Please help)

Was there an update yesterday to the assistant gpt-4-turbo api? It was working perfectly fine yesterday, as it followed directions and was reading through the entire pdf to give me accurrate answers. but after sometime last night while i was using it, it became iffy with follwoing my instructions and just flat out will not read through the document even if i instruct it to in the instructions box or in the prompt. whenever i ask it questions from my document it just straight up hullicinates answers. answers that worked perfectly prior to yesterday night. I havn’t changed anything with the assistant so it wouldn’t be the explanation for that. I’m not mad i just want to know if this is something that happens with the api and is there a way to fix it.


I am having the exactly same problem today. It should be some sort of bug and not related to users. I litteraly changed noting and after 1 night, my assistant is broken.