ChatGPT losing answers server-side, hence merging new questions with previous ones

I’m using GPT-4 in ChatGPT.

Lately I have the problem that ChatGPT is forgetting its answer to a question, and when I make another question, it merges it with the prior one(s) and first re-answers the prior one(s) before answering the actual, new question.

Also, when I reload the page, then the answers from the point on where this problem started to appear are missing, offering me a “Regenerate”-button to the last question it remembers.

For example I have a lengthy discussion and then I ask question Q1, then it responds with A1, then I ask question Q2, it answers A1(slightly modified)+A2, then I ask question Q3 and it answers A1(again slightly modified)+A2(slightly modified)+A3. When I then reload the page, the last thing I see is Q1 with the message “There was an error generating a response” and a “Regenerate”-button.

I also had it happen that when I then click the “Regenerate”-button and let it create a new answer, and then I hit F5 to reload the page after the answer completed, then only a segment of the answer appears while the remainder is lost.

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